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Default Re: 2008 STi - Broken welds on rear roof support (metal on metal squeak)...

Today Tom and I went for another drive after the car had some time to 'cool off' in my garage overnight. I drove over "the bump" that was 'featured' in the last 30~ seconds of the video clip and didn't get a squeak.

We drove to Lowes to pick up some of this stuff to put on the rear plastics when we reinstall them.

We hit "the bump" again on the way and we didn't get a squeak, which is good.

I'm going to leave the panels and dampers off and bring our findings to the dealer service manager on Monday. If this turns out to be the root cause and we were able to properly diagnose it by thinking out of the box, as opposed to blindly throwing parts and invasive repairs at it... I'm going to be a little less than pleased and feel that Subaru should reimburse me (see; do something to restore my customer loyalty and faith) somehow. I don't know what or how, but... something. Do you guys think that's unrealistic?

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