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Default Re: 2008 STi - Broken welds on rear roof support...

I took a late lunch and visited the dealer to provide the service manager with the following documents regarding the spring purchase/installation...

-Invoice showing purchase & ship date, associated tracking number listed.
-Dated copy of email from manufacturer that had the invoice attached.
-FedEx shipping notification email, dated.
-FedEx package progress showing delivery date (2010.09.16)

I also brought the service records he printed out for me yesterday, with the original complaint highlighted on 2010.09.08. Reminding him that was the date I left the car with him, after I had already called reporting the issue to make an appointment. Therefore had already been experiencing the issue before the drop off date.

The service manager made copies of them, faxed them to the regional rep, and told me to expect a call tomorrow (2011.07.14).

While there, I inquired about the comment that was made previously about my warranty being voided. He specified that only the warranty pertaining to this part/claim was affected, so my power train warranty is still intact. However, hopefully with this documentation, that voided warranty item can be reversed and this can be handled.

However, even if they do reverse the voided warranty and say they'll repair it, there are some interesting details about the repair I'm not enthused with. Those details I'll enclose at a later time if we get to that point.

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