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Default Re: Finshing up my first ICE install, need help with wires and stuff

Originally Posted by ASHRAF View Post
I don't think I can return the PAC, but what's the difference? The PAC is a little laggy, but it's not that bad, what do you like more about the Axxess ASWC?
It's not just me -- it's many other Subaru owners (search the various forums and you'll see). I actually don't have one on my own car -- no SWCs I will in my next car.

Advantages of the Axxess ASWC:
  • No lag
  • Single model works with most cars and HUs (so you can change to a new HU and/or move it into another car)
  • In cars with more than 2 SWC wires, all of the wires will connect directly to separate inputs on the ASWC. No resistors needed (unlike the PAC SWI-* units).
  • In most cases, programs itself on the first power up (you can also manually program it if you want to change any buttons)
  • Less expensive
  • Smaller
  • Firmware can be updated via a USB-to-TTL RS-232 cable (you must purchase the cable from Metra, or put together an equivalent)
and as far as the harness I got from IAP, there should be no cutting in the original wires (at least I think so)
They're selling off-the-shelf Metra 70-7552 harnesses. That omits the two SWC wires. See my pin-out for more info.
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