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Default Re: How to defeat the TPMS

So here is a schematic of the needed circuit finally. The pinout for the module is as follows.
1- Comm
2- Dash signal (the needed signal pin)
4- Speed signal
5- Ignition switched VBat
6- VBat
8- Body Integrated Unit
9- Gnd
So VBat on my schemtic will come from pin 5 on the TPMS connector. The signal will go to the wire on TPMS pin 2. The TPMS pin 2 wire should be removed/cut from the connector so the signal is not back fed into the TPMS. I am going to put a switch so either the normal singal on pin 2 or the signal from the circuit can go to the dash. Pin 9 is ground for all the circuit ground connections.

WARNING!!! Use at you own risk. If you let the smoke out it is not my fault! I have tested this on my car tapping into the signal in the passenger footwell. I have not rung out the connections at the device. I dont have wire colors as of yet either. I do not know how the pin numbers go on the TPMS connector yet either. (Note Vcc is not tied to pins 4 or 6 in the schematic!)

I will post more as I do the final assembly/install.

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