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Default Re: Will Rally Armor mud flaps protect the 08 STI paint?

I also have Rally Armor UR mud flaps on my 08, and have been "lucky" enough to drive up to Lake Tahoe several times already. The mud flaps block a lot of snow and road salt, but it will not block everything. Your car will still get salt spray all over, but after comparing it to another 08 STi w/o mud flaps (we ran across each other at a gas station), there is a significant difference.

Between the mud flaps and the piece of clear protective film, the fenders on my 08 is still rock chip free......knock on wood!

Also, take the time to install the rear flaps -- I originally installed the fronts only (ran out of sunlight ), then installed the rear flaps prior to my next trip. Your hatch will show the difference those rear mud flaps make. Sure, there's still lots of salt spray at the back, but much less compared to not having the rear mud flaps.

One more thing -- make sure you get clear bra for the front of the car. I somehow messed up and didn't get this done and now I completely regret it. Once the snowboard season is over, I'm getting my front bumper repainted and clear bra'd. It sucks to see my STi with 2.5k miles having more (and bigger) rock chips than my gf's 05 Civic with 36k miles. It's all on the front bumper, except for one on the hood.

Lastly, do a wash, claybar, and 2 coats of wax on the car asap. This makes it soooo much easier to clean the car after it gets really dirty. The 2 coats of wax also covers up most of the DISO (Dealer Installed Swirl Option )
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